THE VES Production Summit and how Visual Effects Artists are Disregarded

Posted on July 26th, 2009 in CG Community, Working in CG, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

Digital effects artists and technicians are still struggling to find their rightful place in the motion picture industry. VFX are perhaps still not fully understood by our colleagues in the other trades of cinema. Probably a subject to address in more details later; for the moment, some interesting comments from Visual Effects Society Chairman Jeffery Okun in today’s San Francisco Chronicle:

“Visual-effects artists in general are treated like interchangeable parts,” Okun says, “and are not regarded as an equal to the cinematographer, the editor, the writer or the production designer.”

…and farther down :

“The perception is that visual effects are driven by really smart computers with cool buttons that make things go faster or look better,” Okun says. “There’s a lack of understanding that the process is driven by artists.” The film industry’s faster-cheaper mantra has caused “tremendous stress and strain”

You can read the full article here.

Also mentioned in the short article, the Visual Effects Society is preparing this year’s Production Summit in Los Angeles where all areas of the industry can convene to discuss the challenges they face in an effort to open communication and move the industry forward.

The VES Production Summit will take place on October 24.

New VES members in Montreal

Posted on May 19th, 2009 in CG Community, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais


A fine bunch of VFX professionals in Montreal just joined the ranks of the Visual Effects Society :

  • Eric Clement, CG Supervisor at Modus FX;
  • Luc Julien, Owner and Freelance Digital Compositor at Synthesimage;
  • Ara Khanikian, Compositor at Rodeo FX;
  • Richard Martin, VFX Supervisor at Hybride;
  • Annie Normandin, Producer at Frame Studio;
  • Benoit Pelchat, Art Director at Ubisoft Digital Arts;
  • Martin Pelletier, Look and Artistic Director and at Modus FX;
  • Philippe Roberge, Compositor at Vision Globale.

Congrats and welcome to all!

The next VES membership application deadline is October 1st.

The Visual Effects Society publishes its first white paper

Posted on July 17th, 2008 in CG Community, Working in CG, Technical, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

The Visual Effects Society (VES), the entertainment industry’s only official organization representing the extended community of visual effects professionals, has published its first ever white paper, entitled “The State of Visual Effects in the Entertainment Industry.”

The paper, drawn from input from numerous sources including a VES Think Tank discussion, the VES Executive Committee and others, examines existing conditions within the visual effects industry and how these issues affect the entertainment business on a macro scale, from workflow to the interaction of personnel within various departments and the extraordinary impacts that the digital revolution has caused.

To see the white paper, click here: