Multiple job openings at Modus FX

Posted on May 3rd, 2010 in The Company, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais

Currently, Modus is actively on the lookout for:

  • SFX/Particle/Simulation Artists/TDs
  • Experienced CG particles and simulation artist/technician for film VFX and CGI features. All software background with solid experience will be considered.
  • Lighting TDs
  • Lighting Technical Director in charge of lighting CGI/VFX shots following setups and instructions from the artistic direction team. Autodesk Softimage (XSI) working environment.
  • CG Character / Creature Animators
  • Experienced Animator for a full length CG feature and animation for feature film VFX; Autodesk Softimage (XSI) working environment, but we are looking for raw talent from any software background.

All positions are available immediately. Apply at
Good Luck!

Multiple job openings at Modus FX

Posted on February 14th, 2010 in The Company, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais

With many deliveries and new projects starting up, we are in hiring mode at Modus FX. Available positions include :

  • CG Character / Creature Animators
  • Experienced Animator for a full length CG feature and animation for feature film VFX; Autodesk Softimage (XSI) working environment, but we are looking for raw talent from any software background.
  • Set Dresser for layouts
  • Set dresser/modeler TD for set dressing in a full length CG feature; Autodesk Softimage (XSI) environment.
  • Creature TD / Rigger
  • Experienced Creature TD for creature rigging in our numerous feature projects; Autodesk Softimage (XSI) environment.
  • 2D Compositors
  • Experienced 2D compositors for numerous projects, VFX for feature film and full length CGI features. Nuke working environment.

All positions are available immediately. Apply at

Good luck!

Delivering Dinosaurs

Posted on May 12th, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


Our first project in 2009 : DinoLab II. Produced by Quietmotion from Montreal, Modus was the sole vendor on this creature-driven show. The Dino Lab series presents the latest scientific findings on dinosaurs and their habits, with an interesting twist : teams of scientists and palaeontologists conducting tests on “living and breathing” (i.e. : CGI) prehistoric creatures. The shooting was done at La Tohu in Montreal, set as a big science lab.

With over 20 minutes of CG creatures in 192 shots, it features an argentinosaurus, a group of stegosauruses, a hypacrosaurus family, a microraptor and of course a dreaded T-Rex. About 3 months were needed to deliver our shots.

The show is distributed around the world. The first showing is May 17th on the Science Channel.

A VFX Shop in my Tub

Posted on February 11th, 2008 in Working in CG, Technical, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

Still on location… Not too many CG characters in this movie, but scripts can change… And after a few discussions with the director and producer, a new shot concerning CG critters set in moody lighting was added. All the other shots involved props, so matching the lighting would be easy. But with this new shot, I would definitely need a shading sphere*. Shooting starts in a couple of days. What to do?

Simple. Get a cheap, round light fixture (4.50 $). I prefer neutral grey than pure white; grey primer will do just fine (4 $). Because it needs a lot of coats and I did not want to go back in forth from the studio shops, I made my own paint shop in my hotel bathroom…. Don’t tell the hotel managers.

The trick is to spray enough coats of paint to get a nice even look, while keeping the paint fumes out of the hotel corridor. I found it safer to do it at night. And voilà! A nice grey shading sphere for under 10 bucks!


* For the non VFX-savvy folks reading this, a shading sphere is just a flat colored sphere that is used to capture the lighting, shadows and some color bleeding on a movie set. You move it around in spaces where CG characters will be inserted later as the camera is filming, so it gives you a visual cue to start building your CG environment. In the same fashion, white spheres are also used, as well as chrome balls for highlights.

A few links

Posted on October 29th, 2007 in Entrepreneurship, Working in CG, Blogging, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

I just took a short break from posting, after blogging a few times per week since June 1st. To get back on track, here are a few links of interest on VFX, business, smart questions, CG films and yay, being happy:

  • VFXworld talks about the many digital effects featured in the new TV season in the US;
  • The first teaser for the upcoming “Kung-Fu Panda” from Dreamworks Animation is out. I guess we’ll have to wait for the official trailer to see a better amount of CGI;

ADAPT 2007 : Day One

Posted on September 25th, 2007 in CG Community, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais

The 2007 edition of ADAPT kicked off on Monday with a fine keynote address by Phil Tippett. I remember seeing him for the first time at Siggraph a few years ago; he was doing a very informative and pretty funny presentation about his studio’s work on The Haunting.

This time it was about his career and views about his work, from early stop-motion shorts to CG work on Jurassic Park and many others. His talk was very inspiring and he’s a very entertaining speaker. It’s always exciting to see the early work of pioneers in the field, and we were lucky to see some pretty funky shorts he worked on before his professional career. I liked the G.I Joe doll getting jabbed to death by a slithering clay creature…

We were also treated to some before-and-after VFX scenes of The Spiderwick Chronicles, that Tippett Studio is just wrapping up. The shooting for the movie was completed about a year ago right here in Montreal. The designs and model work of the goblins we saw were amazing, and we were privileged to see a rough cut of a completed short scene. Good stuff.

So the week started off on a terrific note. And hey, looking to my right there was Syd Mead sitting in the audience. Great times ahead…


Posted on September 17th, 2007 in CG Community, The Company by Marc Bourbonnais

Finally, after securing a fair amount of funds, starting the interior renovations, setting up purchase orders for hardware and tackling on a number of potential contracts, our available jobs board is open. We are lucky to work with remarkable freelancers and we are hoping to also start building an in-house team in October.

Being a start-up, all the classic CG/VFX positions are available. We are setting up a database that we will maintain up-to-date for anyone that will send us their coordinates and resume. We value every application and even if things do not work out right away it is in our interest to keep in touch with a large network of possible employees and freelancers for future work opportunities.

You can check out our available jobs at Hope to hear from you!

Make Your Mark tour

Posted on September 15th, 2007 in Software, CG Community, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais


I’ll be taking part in the Make your Mark tour from Avid, at the Boston event on October 3rd. The whole tour is a series of free events with panels and presentations on CGI, video & film production and sound mixing. On the 3D side of things, there will be an XSI demo with Softimage’s Chinny. Todd Akita of Psyop will share some insights about working on high-profile commercials.

I will be on the discussion panel with other media professionals to talk about our industry what it takes to make it in the business. There are no magic formulas, but it will be interesting to talk about some of the aspects of our work with my colleagues and the students.

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