A few books

Posted on June 28th, 2007 in Entrepreneurship, Working in CG, Blogging by Marc Bourbonnais

I always have book to read. When I finish one, I have a couple just waiting to be started. I do not have a particular schedule, but I try to read a few chapters every other day. Here are some of the books I’ve enjoyed. You’ll notice that some of these are classics written a long time ago, way before the CG/VFX business even existed. It proves the value of their ideas.



Art of the StartGuy Kawasaki : The Art of The Start
A very inspirational book about… starting up. Fun to read and to the point, Guy tells you the basic steps in starting a business, or any project for that matter. This book will give you that extra little push you need to get goin’.

People / Negotiation

Love is the killer appTim Sanders : Love is the Killer App
Great thoughts about the positive aspects of being an all-around nice guy that likes to connect with others. It’s a good depiction of this new era of forums, mailing-lists, social bookmarking and other forms of information sharing.


How to Win Friends & Influence PeopleDale Carnegie : How to Win Friends & Influence People
A classic from the 1930’s about general people skills. Forget the modern easy success stories, this is the real deal.



The Corporate Blogging BookDebbie Weil : The Corporate Blogging Book
A book I read before going into blogging for the first time. The first few weeks of a blog, especially with a corporate flavor, is a crucial step. This book can help you steer clear of newbie mistakes.

Project Management

The Mythical Man-MonthFrederick P. Brooks : The Mythical Man-Month
There are a lot of modern project management books available, many of them dealing with software engineering which can be loosely applied to the CG/VFX industry. This book, originally published in 1975, is the grand-daddy of them all.

PeoplewareTom DeMarco, Timothy Lister : Peopleware
Another classic written in the 1980s when computer programming was starting to be a huge industry. It primarily deals with software management, but you can find great insights on general staff management as well.


Making it HappenMackenzie Kyle : Making it Happen
The only book I know that explains project management in precise details through a fictional story. It’s a bit corny like a bad Hollywood script, but it works.


AmazonBrenda Ueland : If You Want to Write
This book was published in 1938 and is about the process of writing. This book is so full of insights on creativity and inspiration that it can relate to any creative thinking.