Montreal Offers Expert Work in Digital Effects for Movie Production - Variety

Posted on November 2nd, 2009 in CG Community, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

An interesting poll was published in Variety last week. Film industry insiders rated their favorite filming location using different criteria related to movie production. Montreal did not make the high list, but a very special honor was given to our VFX community… Read more below;
Here is the North American filming locations top 5 :

  1. California - Los Angeles and environs, San Diego, San Francisco and spots throughout the state
  2. New York - Manhattan, the rest of New York City plus upstate locations
  3. New Mexico - Albuquerque, other cities and remote areas
  4. Chicago - Prototypical urban America
  5. Louisiana - New Orleans, other cities and parishes

And the international locations top 5 :

  1. Morocco - Cities and landscapes
  2. France - Paris, Provence and the Dordogne region
  3. Prague - Center of Central European filmmaking
  4.  Spain - Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands
  5. U.K. - London, Edinburgh and elsewhere

In the honorable mentions, Sydney, Montreal and Toronto are featured for Best Production Resources. Here is what the poll had to say about Montreal :

“Montreal offers expert vfx work, spurred by tax breaks. High-profile films including The Golden Compass and Indiana Jones 4 might shoot elsewhere but still use Montreal’s talent pool for effects.”

Kudos to our good friends from Rodeo FX, who participated on both features! I can only agree when it come to foreign film shootings having its VFX produced in Montreal; it certainly represents the vast majority of our projects here at Modus.

You can read the full article here.

Mr. Nobody at the Sitges 09 Film Festival

Posted on October 1st, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


Mr. Nobody is continuing its tour of international festivals, this time at Sitges 09, the 42nd Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya. The film is part of the official competition with 21 other productions, with styles ranging from horror, fantasy and sci-fi. An impressive list of movies from all over the world.

The festival is happening from October 1 to 12 in Sitges, Spain.

Dinolab II Premiers in Canada

Posted on September 24th, 2009 in The Company, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

Dinolab II, featuring digital creatures and effects by Modus, premiered on The Science Channel last May; it will now be revealed in Canada on Discovery Channel this Sunday, September 27; and soon on Canal D. Modus FX was the sole VFX provider on this show.

“The exotic creatures and visionary scientists of the Dinolab are back; in their stadium-sized laboratory, palaeontologists examine fossils while chief scientists showcase different dinosaur species by putting them through a battery of tests. “

Dinolab II is produced by QuietMotion; Jacques Bilodeau and Véronique Légaré. It is directed by Bertrand Morin, following a concept by Patrick Gray and Alexandre Lambert.

With over 20 minutes of CG creatures animation in 192 shots, it features an argentinosaurus, a group of stegosauruses, a hypacrosaurus family, a microraptor and of course a dreaded T-Rex. About 3 months were needed to deliver our shots.

Pictures below and much more material can be found at the Dinolab II site.






Modus FX creates digital worlds for Mr. Nobody, winner of the Osella for Best Technical Contribution at the 66th Mostra in Venice

Posted on September 13th, 2009 in Software, The Company, Working in CG, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


Sylvie Olivé, Production Designer on Mr. Nobody receiving the Golden Osella for Best Technical Contribution

Today, Modus FX announces having delivered 121 digital visual effects shots for the feature film Mr. Nobody, recipient of the Golden Osella for Best Technical Contribution at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. The film was produced by Pan-Europeenne, co-produced by Integral Film, Lago Film, Christal Films Productions and Toto & Co. Films, directed by Jaco Van Dormael, with visual effects supervision by Louis Morin. The film is also an Official Selection at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Despite recent slow-downs in the film industry, Quebec’s expertise in digital-effects production holds strong. All 500 visual effects shots for this sci-fi fantasy movie were produced in Quebec by Quebec companies. Modus FX was entrusted with complex sequences which could not be captured on film, involving the digital reproduction of entire cities, villages and other-worldly settings. Modus also worked on several complex transitions between the different worlds and multiple lives of Nemo Nobody.

Modus’ post-production contributions involved 37 digital artists and technicians across a six-month period. A long list of software, including Autodesk’s Softimage and Maya, Side Effects’ Houdini and The Foundry’s Nuke, and the creation of a multitude of innovative in-house tools, programs and techniques was required for the 121 shots delivered.

Co-founded by VFX industry veterans Yanick Wilisky and Marc Bourbonnais, Modus FX offers a full range of digital production services for film, television and new media. Boasting a 12,000 square-foot studio to house its team of seasoned artists, Modus FX has quickly become an industry leader, working on high-profile projects for clients and distributors such as Sony Pictures, TF1, Discovery Channel, Warner Bros. Interactive, BBC-1, and The History Channel.

Mr. Nobody at the Toronto International Film Festival

Posted on August 20th, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


Great news; after Venice, Mr. Nobody will be present at the Toronto International Film Festival as a Special presentation!

The TIFF follows the Venice festival, from September 10-19.

… Lots of great visibility for September!

Mr. Nobody, Official Competition at 66th Venice International Film Festival

Posted on July 30th, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


The full line up of the 66th Venice International Film Festival is up, and Mr Nobody (121 VFX shots by Modus) is in the “Venezia 66” official competition! Congrats to all our colleagues who worked on the production and digital effects.

The 66th Venice International Film Festival is organized by the Venice Biennale and will run 2nd to 12th September 2009 at Venice Lido.

THE VES Production Summit and how Visual Effects Artists are Disregarded

Posted on July 26th, 2009 in CG Community, Working in CG, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

Digital effects artists and technicians are still struggling to find their rightful place in the motion picture industry. VFX are perhaps still not fully understood by our colleagues in the other trades of cinema. Probably a subject to address in more details later; for the moment, some interesting comments from Visual Effects Society Chairman Jeffery Okun in today’s San Francisco Chronicle:

“Visual-effects artists in general are treated like interchangeable parts,” Okun says, “and are not regarded as an equal to the cinematographer, the editor, the writer or the production designer.”

…and farther down :

“The perception is that visual effects are driven by really smart computers with cool buttons that make things go faster or look better,” Okun says. “There’s a lack of understanding that the process is driven by artists.” The film industry’s faster-cheaper mantra has caused “tremendous stress and strain”

You can read the full article here.

Also mentioned in the short article, the Visual Effects Society is preparing this year’s Production Summit in Los Angeles where all areas of the industry can convene to discuss the challenges they face in an effort to open communication and move the industry forward.

The VES Production Summit will take place on October 24.

Mr. Nobody Original trailer

Posted on May 27th, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais

Thanks to Philip, here is the original English trailer for Mr. Nobody. Still low rez, but certainly transcends the beauty and finesse of the film. Some VFX are seen in the trailer, but fortunately the majority of the work is kept for the big screen!

Mr. Nobody trailer

Here is also the direct link :

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