Montreal Offers Expert Work in Digital Effects for Movie Production – Variety

An interesting poll was published in Variety last week. Film industry insiders rated their favorite filming location using different criteria related to movie production. Montreal did not make the high list, but a very special honor was given to our VFX community… Read more below; Here is the North American filming locations top 5 : … Read more

Modus FX creates digital worlds for Mr. Nobody, winner of the Osella for Best Technical Contribution at the 66th Mostra in Venice

  Sylvie Olivé, Production Designer on Mr. Nobody receiving the Golden Osella for Best Technical Contribution Today, Modus FX announces having delivered 121 digital visual effects shots for the feature film Mr. Nobody, recipient of the Golden Osella for Best Technical Contribution at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. The film was produced by Pan-Europeenne, … Read more

THE VES Production Summit and how Visual Effects Artists are Disregarded

Digital effects artists and technicians are still struggling to find their rightful place in the motion picture industry. VFX are perhaps still not fully understood by our colleagues in the other trades of cinema. Probably a subject to address in more details later; for the moment, some interesting comments from Visual Effects Society Chairman Jeffery … Read more

Mr. Nobody Original trailer

Thanks to Philip, here is the original English trailer for Mr. Nobody. Still low rez, but certainly transcends the beauty and finesse of the film. Some VFX are seen in the trailer, but fortunately the majority of the work is kept for the big screen! Mr. Nobody trailer Here is also the direct link : … Read more