Marketing for one month my latest indie game Planet Lander

I’ll be writing about indie game marketing for the new few days – lots of work and it is crucial for game dev. Here is a postmortem:

So about a month ago I published my second game. Never thought I would go this far, but I guess this really makes me an indie developer, no doubt about it. My first game was released last year, just a trial to understand the development and publishing process from start to finish. I outsourced everything. No marketing or promotion of the game. Obviously it did not give tangible results, but I learned a lot, which was the point.

Now with my new game Planet Lander, I really want to go all the way with marketing strategies and tools for a lone indie dev like me. Just listing all my actions from the first month can work as a to-do list, since I’m quite positive these are all necessary things to accomplish for a successful launch. Is my game successful? Can’t say for now, but at least I did have some results. So read on:

There are tons of great info on indie game marketing out there, but if I had to pick something that stands out, it’s this 3 hour video from Watch all of it, and check out their site, it is extremely informative.

The specific marketing elements to address, pretty much all at once and as soon as possible:


  • First, the name. I wanted two descriptive words. I needed “lander” since it’s a particular genre and checking with the tools listed below it’s not overcrowded. With some trials I ended up with “Planet Lander”, simple and to the point.
  • Some say ASO is a waste of time; still it does not take too long to gather a list of words to help your store visibility. I used basic free tools from these ASO sites to help me determine what keywords to include in my store listings and how I rank in relation to direct “competitors”.

More details about ASO can be found in my follow-up posts:

ASO Part one:

ASO Part two:

On-line branding

  • Built a landing page with a clear call to action for downloading the game on the available platforms.
  • Made a press kit page, for all the info and assets related.  for guidelines.
  • Twitter feed, Facebook page, Google+ page, Youtube channel with demos, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board. Anything and everything posted is spread across all.

Review websites

  • Emailed over 150 websites that are mobile game friendly, to ask for a review of Planet Lander, mention its release or list the game on the site. Some replied with offers for paid reviews. A couple of posts and tweets about the game, all giving a great instant boost in downloads. I’m sending a follow-up e-mail to all the sites that did not write back since a few weeks have passed and the results are very good if you get coverage.


Press releases

Google+ Gaming Communities

  • Just a quick post on gaming communities, it gets buried fast but you get some exposure.

Game Dev community

  • That’s where I did not put enough effort. Just started on Reddit, already got great feedback. I used to write a blog about digital effects and running a VFX studio, I’ll get back to it with a game dev blog.

With all this work I now have around 2,000 Android downloads and 500 iOS downloads; most of them from peaks following the actions above. Daily numbers are low but steady and growing each day. I’m happy to see return users every day and the feedback is good – so all I really need to do is get the game noticed.

It is a lot of work, but I was prepared for it. I am still not certain of the short term results considering my lack of experience in this particular market. But every day I break new grounds, the numbers are growing slowly but surely and the feedback is good. Also I am a very stubborn entrepreneur so I will continue until I have tried everything I can.

I wonder what’s better when contacting journalists and game review sites: send a short, concise message (it worked with the press release to get a thorough interview on GameZone) or throw all the information at hand, links and graphics in the message and help get your word out (it worked for instant coverage and mentions on some game review sites)

What do you think?

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  1. HI! Thank you for sharing! I do follow your guidance, but the media did not give a reply. Never! Why?

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