Modus, The History of America, Digital Effects, and President Obama

We are always excited when finally a feature that we have contributed to with our digital effects is distributed in movie theatres or on TV. After months of hard work we can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. One of the latest projects we were involved in is the TV documentary America : The History of Us. We collaborated with our partners in the UK, Jellyfish Pictures to help relate the history of the United States using all sorts of digital animation, transitions, set extensions and full landscapes.



This 12-part miniseries for the History Channel premiered last Sunday, following a massive campaign. Already the numbers are impressive, the first night of this special broadcast becoming the highest rated and most watched TV show for the network.

Part of the enjoyment of our involvement in shows like this is to check out all the following in the media; in this case it has been extremely well received. But the best publicity feat about The History of Us is certainly it’s announcer: President Obama, with a special introduction kicking off the series. That was quite a surprise!


You can watch the trailer from President Obama here.

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