Montreal Offers Expert Work in Digital Effects for Movie Production – Variety

An interesting poll was published in Variety last week. Film industry insiders rated their favorite filming location using different criteria related to movie production. Montreal did not make the high list, but a very special honor was given to our VFX community… Read more below;
Here is the North American filming locations top 5 :

  1. California – Los Angeles and environs, San Diego, San Francisco and spots throughout the state
  2. New York – Manhattan, the rest of New York City plus upstate locations
  3. New Mexico – Albuquerque, other cities and remote areas
  4. Chicago – Prototypical urban America
  5. Louisiana – New Orleans, other cities and parishes

And the international locations top 5 :

  1. Morocco – Cities and landscapes
  2. France – Paris, Provence and the Dordogne region
  3. Prague – Center of Central European filmmaking
  4.  Spain – Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands
  5. U.K. – London, Edinburgh and elsewhere

In the honorable mentions, Sydney, Montreal and Toronto are featured for Best Production Resources. Here is what the poll had to say about Montreal :

“Montreal offers expert vfx work, spurred by tax breaks. High-profile films including The Golden Compass and Indiana Jones 4 might shoot elsewhere but still use Montreal’s talent pool for effects.”

Kudos to our good friends from Rodeo FX, who participated on both features! I can only agree when it come to foreign film shootings having its VFX produced in Montreal; it certainly represents the vast majority of our projects here at Modus.

You can read the full article here.

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