Dinolab II Premiers in Canada

Dinolab II, featuring digital creatures and effects by Modus, premiered on The Science Channel last May; it will now be revealed in Canada on Discovery Channel this Sunday, September 27; and soon on Canal D. Modus FX was the sole VFX provider on this show.

“The exotic creatures and visionary scientists of the Dinolab are back; in their stadium-sized laboratory, palaeontologists examine fossils while chief scientists showcase different dinosaur species by putting them through a battery of tests. “

Dinolab II is produced by QuietMotion; Jacques Bilodeau and Véronique Légaré. It is directed by Bertrand Morin, following a concept by Patrick Gray and Alexandre Lambert.

With over 20 minutes of CG creatures animation in 192 shots, it features an argentinosaurus, a group of stegosauruses, a hypacrosaurus family, a microraptor and of course a dreaded T-Rex. About 3 months were needed to deliver our shots.

Pictures below and much more material can be found at the Dinolab II site.






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4 thoughts on “Dinolab II Premiers in Canada

  1. Too much to believe. We miss the first 5 min. so no explanation about the animation work. For a while we believed it was true. Great job.

  2. Thanks, just doing our job.
    Actually there is no explanation about the animation work, the setting is to be taken as the real thing… A nice twist on the standard dino documentary fare.

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