Delivering Dinosaurs


Our first project in 2009 : DinoLab II. Produced by Quietmotion from Montreal, Modus was the sole vendor on this creature-driven show. The Dino Lab series presents the latest scientific findings on dinosaurs and their habits, with an interesting twist : teams of scientists and palaeontologists conducting tests on “living and breathing” (i.e. : CGI) prehistoric creatures. The shooting was done at La Tohu in Montreal, set as a big science lab.

With over 20 minutes of CG creatures in 192 shots, it features an argentinosaurus, a group of stegosauruses, a hypacrosaurus family, a microraptor and of course a dreaded T-Rex. About 3 months were needed to deliver our shots.

The show is distributed around the world. The first showing is May 17th on the Science Channel.

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