Screamers : The Hunting, VFX by Modus

Posted on February 23rd, 2009 in The Company, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


Another big project from 2008 just appeared; the sequel to the 1995 sci-fi thriller “Screamers”, Screamers : The Hunting just hit the shelves last week. A total of 122 VFX shots were handled by Modus, who again was the sole vendor for this show.

Our work involved a wide variety of effects;

  •     Creature and prop design, modeling and rigging
  •     Digital environments and matte paintings
  •     CG character animation and integration
  •     SFX, particle and simulations
  •     Motion design and animation
  •     Wire removal, roto, comp effects and CG integration

Modus lands in France with “Les corbeaux”

Posted on February 2nd, 2009 in Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


One of our major projects in 2008 was the mini-series Les corbeaux, airing right now on TF1 in France. For this 3 hours long production, Modus delivered 349 VFX shots. 200 shots involved adding CG crows, the main plot point being a massive flock of killer crows taking control of a coastal town in northern France. Additional shots included rain, storm effects and other comp tricks.

The first part aired last Monday and is available to view from the Corbeaux on TF1 website right here. Second and last episode will be airing Monday February 2nd, at 8:45 PM France time. I’ll have more info after that.