More Red Madness

Posted on November 14th, 2008 in Hardware, Technical by Marc Bourbonnais


A very heavy announcement from Red today; so much information, hardware and new benchmarks that it’s hard to digest…
… Images in 6K, from a full 35mm sensor size at 100 fps.
… IMAX size sensors for 9K plates recording at 500 MB/sec.
… 28K images !
All this with modular camera gear.
More details at the Red website.

Martin L’Heureux joins Modus FX

Posted on November 2nd, 2008 in The Company by Marc Bourbonnais


Important development in our management team; Martin L’Heureux is now a full associate of Modus as Producer, Animation Director.

Martin L’Heureux began his award-winning 3D animation career 16 years ago, and has since accumulated over thirty credits in film, television and video games.  During his career, he extended his passion towards the art of film visual effects at Industrial Light and Magic as a Sequence Computer Animation Supervisor. Martin’s film credits include: Men in Black II, Star Wars I, Small Soldiers, and many others. He founded Imperia Media Entertainment, a CG animation company, where he acted as a producer and manager. His talents have been honoured with a Clio award, AICP/Moma Award and an Anicomm Award. In 2008 Martin was also nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award (VES Award) as an Animation Director for the Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project for the IMAX documentary film, “Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia”.

Martin’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the animation industry led to his fascination with human movement, and the creation of The Principles Of Motion animation reference DVD’s, which have become an industry standard for visual effect artists. His professional career outside of academia also includes giving seminars to many visual effect schools throughout Canada and the United States.

Modus welcomes Martin! His natural talent and experience in management, client relation and of course animation make him an important addition to our executive team as the company continues its rapid growth.