The New NAD Center

Posted on October 29th, 2008 in CG Community by Marc Bourbonnais




A few weeks ago I had the honor of being the first guest speaker at the new location of the NAD Center, one of Montreal’s original schools of digital arts and visual effects… for over 15 years! I still remember when I was myself a student at the NAD, in a tiny portion of the 2nd floor of the Softimage building on St-Laurent Street. Today just the administration offices use more space…




The NAD Center now offers a University program, and has considerably grown its training services and research in 3D animation, visual effects and digital arts. High-tech classes and labs stand alongside training studios and traditional art classes.

I was invited to give a speech on the industry, careering and my own experiences in the world of digital effects. The place looks empty, because the kids were busy learning!


Animation Industry Report

Posted on October 17th, 2008 in CG Community, Working in CG by Marc Bourbonnais


Animation Mentor just published a very thorough report on the animation industry. The independent survey was taken by over 1,200 professional animators from around the world and sheds some light on job satisfaction, salaries and other industry trends. Well worth a look… right here.

Shooting with the Red One Camera

Posted on October 13th, 2008 in The Company, Technical, Movies by Marc Bourbonnais


A VFX sequence for one of our feature film projects involves adding a shoreline to a live, green screen interior shoot. In our business, some might be tempted to go the full CG ocean simulation and matte painting route, but we want to develop the resourceful aspects of our studio…
Actually, we were just waiting for a reasonable opportunity to just rent a Red One camera and check out the footage. So a few weeks ago, we found a rent outlet near the seashore to grab some beach and ocean material. The weather was perfect and we got great 4K footage for all of our shots.
The plates we needed were relatively simple, nothing fancy. Setting up the gear and using the camera itself was a breeze, we will certainly do something like this again if need be. We are still testing out the material, and except for some tracking issues probably due to the rolling shutter, the images are great to work with.
As for the results… Well, coming soon to a theatre near you in 2009…


The Modus crew: Martin Pelletier, Lead look developer and Luc Julien, Lead 2D Compositer. Yes, you can work shirtless at Modus FX.