Changing agendas

One thing I’m learning these days is to re-arrange my schedule; blog writing is one of the many things I’m desperately trying to find time for.

My associates and I were told two things by our management advisor about starting up a business

  • Every few months, our responsibilities and typical workday will completely change;
  • The pace of our business day will constantly go faster.

And he was right. Our first few months were all about arranging our studio: ripping old carpets, painting walls and getting a few chairs. Then, setting up accounting practices and business development strategies. Followed by buying our first pieces of hardware. Now we are balancing production calendars, staff hours and long-term budget predictions. Hey, at least it means we are in business.

Trying to set up a decent weekly schedule is hard, since our priorities are constantly evolving. My point is, yes, it’s been two weeks without a blog post and I’ll try to get back on track.

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