VFX Supervision Workshop in Montreal with François Lambert of ILM

A big component of our company philosophy at Modus is to take an active part in the growth of the digital effects community in Montreal. A way to do this is to invite valued colleagues from around the world to share knowledge and ideas. Our first go at this was a VFX Supervision Workshop held on Monday, February 18.


The event was presented by the Quebec Film and Television Council in collaboration with the NAD Center. Modus FX and Mokko Studio were involved as consultants to help setting up the presentation.

We invited François Lambert, sequence supervisor at ILM, to talk about his work and give insights on how one operates in a large scale VFX production. François knows the region very well, having worked at Hybride and Big Bang before heading to California in 2003. His many film credits include Star Wars episode III, Harry Potter IV and Pirates of the Caribbean II & III.

The gathering was a great success; over 80 people signed up for the event. François gave an excellent presentation and the response from the crowd was very positive.

You can be sure this is the first of many; stay tuned for more events…


Yanick Wilisky, Modus – François Lambert, Industrial Light & Magic

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4 thoughts on “VFX Supervision Workshop in Montreal with François Lambert of ILM

  1. Super! Bravo! C’est vraiment super ce que vous faites. J’aurais aime etre la. On dirait une reunion de famille. 😉

  2. This seems like it would have been a great workshop to attend. Will there be more like this one being presented in the future?

    I would love to hear from some of the people who attended. What were some of the topics discussed? Did they talk about the future of the VFX industry in Canada? I work for Boogie Studio, a boutique style studio that produces high end VFX for the advertising industry.

    Did the speakers talk about the advertising industry or was the workshop mostly about feature films?

    Please let me know about more of these events, and please check out my blog.



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