About getting a job in CG – VFX – Games

A few quick pointers from my presentation at ADAPT 2007 about careering in digital media; especially since we’re going through demo reels and resumes:

  • The resume

Short, brief and to the point. Employers first want to know where you’ve worked, what you’ve worked on, and to a lesser extent, what training center or school did you attend. Never mind the part-time job in a hardware store, we don’t care. At least do not waste precious resume space by explaining that your duties included “keeping the lawnmower inventory up to date”.

  • The reel

Again, short and to the point. If you have enough material to leave out your less than stellar work, do it. An employer will decide in about 10 seconds if he/she wants to continue watching your reel, so you better have the best 10 seconds of your professional career right at the start.

  • The Interview

If you’re up to the interview part, then you have enough experience and talent for the job. Now they want to know if you’re ok to work with, period. Just be nice. Be interested in the company. Have stories to tell. Prepare good answers for common questions (see link below). Show you’re a great person to work with and the job is yours. I know it sounds corny, but nobody likes to work with jerks, no matter how talented they are. This business is about teamwork, creativity and long hours.

A few links on getting a job:

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