So how big will be the studio?

This big :


The architects were checking out and measuring the place yesterday. The owners have submitted us their lease proposal and our lawyers and accountants are in negotiations. The building has seen a number of years go by, but we like the place a lot. There’s definitely something to build here.

That’s my business partner Vincent and me in the large open space. In the far back, the owner is chatting with… well, you’ll find out soon enough.

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20 thoughts on “So how big will be the studio?

  1. Oh wow, that`s nice! Altough you guys (well, especially Vinny) look WAYYYY too much like you`re still on vacation :)

    Hope there’s a big launch one day!

  2. Soooooweeeeetttt !!!!

    I love the space…especially the ceilling and the whole strcuture…purrrfect for an in-house backlot. Practical effects and elements library ready !!!

    P.S. Kill those neons !

  3. You know, if the studio doesn’t work out… you could always open a skateboard park.

    p.s. good luck!

  4. Wow! Genial comme espace a aire ouverte. Les plafonds sont hauts, ca a l’air grand et facile a eclairer, y’a de quoi passer les cables reseaux dans des faux-plafonds et planchers pour Vino, bref de quoi faire un studio tres confortable. Good choice!

  5. Wow! A big place for a big adventure!
    nice place.
    see you there, for a beer opening…

  6. This is going to beccome very interesting. thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Best of luck in your new adventure.

    have you decided the name of the studio?

  7. Congrats!! And best of luck for the future. This blog has been an inspiration for me personally & looking forward to more updates from you….

  8. Any estimate on how much will it be to adapt the place? Looks to me like quite a few $.

  9. Igor, you are correct; there is a lot to do. Our business plan relies on a good amount of start-up funds (in the 6 digits) just for setting up the shop. Architects are drafting basic plans so we can have a better idea of what needs to be done.

  10. Dudes….

    Congratulations! I’m super happy for you guys! Tonnes of luck for the future and keep us up to date with what’s what.

    Ken Steel

  11. Wow vraiment nice comme place! J’ai hate de voir ca aménagé! Il y a surement mieux qu’un restaurant arc-en-ciel a coté ;o)

    !!!Bonne chance a Modus!!!

  12. Haha c’est drole… je me rapel du temps ou j’allais avec mon pere acheter des materiaux de construction dans cette immeuble. Felicitaion a vous 3.

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